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Graduation imminent for Solomon Islands

21 March 2018

The Solomon Islands are one of four nations that could be removed from the United Nation’s least developed country (LDC) category due to improved healthcare, education and earning power.

Youth events underway throughout the UK

21 March 2018

The Commonwealth Roadshows are underway and have been taking place around the UK. These events, which have so far been held in London and Glasgow, run throughout 2018 and are an opportunity for young people to come together to engage in meaningful debate about the challenges and opportunities facing their Commonwealth.

Category 5 storms: A norm or exception?

20 March 2018

Is the growing frequency of robust and destructive category 5 storms a norm or exception? And what does this mean for the economic development and very existence of small states? Wonderful Hope Khonje, Technical Economic Officer, invites your thoughts.

Observer group ready for Antigua and Barbuda election

20 March 2018

The Commonwealth Observer Group arrived in the country on March 16 and have met with the Prime Minister, the electoral commission, representatives of political parties, civil society representatives, media organisations and domestic and international observer groups.

Secretary-General to visit Kenya

Release date 19 March 2018

Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland will make her first official visit to Kenya later this week. During her two days in the country’s capital Nairobi, Secretary-General Scotland will meet President Uhuru Kenyatta, government ministers and Raila Odinga, the former prime minister.

The Commonwealth to observe general election in Antigua and Barbuda

19 March 2018

A former Foreign Minister from The Bahamas, Janet Bostwick, will lead a team of Commonwealth observers to Antigua and Barbuda for the country’s general election next week.

Gun crime and peace-building top of the agenda for Bahamas High Commissioner

16 March 2018

The former police commissioner of The Bahamas made an impassioned plea for the Commonwealth to support initiatives that will tackle gun crime and violence through-out the Caribbean.

Commonwealth Big Lunch at Marlborough House

16 March 2018

The Commonwealth’s staff association hosted a delightful Commonwealth Big Lunch at Marlborough House. It gave staff at the Commonwealth’s headquarters an opportunity to come together under one roof and celebrate their Commonwealth connections over a shared meal.

Commonwealth Day 2018 highlights: Unity and diversity

15 March 2018

Commonwealth Day 2018 was celebrated in style by the 53 member countries with an array of special services, parties, food, dancing and music.

The 2018 Commonwealth Roadshow begins

14 March 2018

During March and April, the Commonwealth kicks off a series of roadshows to support more young people into work. These are being produced in partnership with Elevation Networks, a youth employment charity which focuses on social action and community engagement initiatives.