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“The Hub” helps vulnerable countries tap crucial climate funds

4 July 2018

The Commonwealth’s hub for climate finance celebrated key milestones this week, including the mobilisation of £3.7 million for climate-vulnerable countries, with another £135 million in the pipeline.

Commonwealth prepares young people for leadership roles

3 July 2018

A future generation of leaders has been learning how to give more than one billion young people across the Commonwealth a greater say in how their countries are run.

Peace at the Crease: cricket to promote peace and development

3 July 2018

Representatives of government, diplomats, celebrities and religious leaders will help the Commonwealth kick-off a new cricket initiative next month. Dubbed Peace at the Crease, the programme will use the popularity of cricket as a tool to promote peace, bring communities together and support progress and development. 

Mauritius expertise to back Commonwealth fight for coral reefs

3 July 2018

The Republic of Mauritius will share valuable marine protection know-how with other Commonwealth countries, using the Commonwealth Blue Charter as a platform to exchange best practices, collaborate on research, and carry out training workshops.

Small states negotiators ‘better prepared’

2 July 2018

Officials from Commonwealth small states have completed a specially-designed course to strengthen their negotiation skills in international decision-making forums.

Seychelles leader commends Commonwealth ocean approach

2 July 2018

The president of the Seychelles, Danny Faure, has credited the Commonwealth for propelling his island country forward as an advocate for ocean issues and climate change.

For the greater good? The loss of jobs in the digital era

2 July 2018

To understand which argument aligns better with today’s technological and labour market landscape, let’s consider some recent developments.

Dialogue with developing countries key to an inclusive G20

28 June 2018

The G20 (also known as the Group of Twenty) comprises 19 of the world’s leading economies and the European Union. It plays an important policy co-ordination function by providing space for the G20 leaders to engage in regular and constructive dialogue on pressing issues facing the global economy.

Commonwealth visit to Seychelles reaffirms commitment to small states

28 June 2018

Secretary-General Patricia Scotland will pay her first official visit to the island nation of Seychelles this week, signalling the Commonwealth’s continued interest in being a voice for small states. She will meet the Seychelles President Danny Faure, Vice-President Vincent Meriton, the speaker of the National Assembly, government ministers and parliamentarians to discuss ways to deepen cooperation.

New Commonwealth study to reveal true cost of violence against women and girls

27 June 2018

Seychelles loses over USD 65 million each year to violence against women and girls (VAWG). That’s according to a new report to be launched by the Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland on her first official visit to the country.